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"One-armed bandit", slot, reel - these types of games have many names. They are easy to control and do not need a quick reaction from the player or special training. For this reason, they are incredibly popular with beginners, and experienced gamblers are happy to launch slots to take a break from big tournaments. The most cunning and even picky players may try to find loopholes in order to win even more often and more. The easiest way to cheat a fruit cocktail slot machine – is to carefully read its rules and use the tips of the main strawberry, which is always on your side.

Secrets of fruit cocktail slot machines

Fruit Cocktail is one of the most popular gambling games, which directly refers to the generation of real floor machines. Previously, they were a frequent decoration of casinos and entertainment halls. Thanks to Igrosoft, it has migrated to the screens of smartphones and computers, retaining its lightness and freshness even after so many years. The principles and rules of the fruit cocktail game remain the same, which means it is easy to understand and unravel.

Before spinning the drum and discovering all the secrets of fruit cocktail you must decide on the platform on which you will play. Then the second important choice - are you serious? If yes, then registration on the selected site is required. It will allow you:

  • Create a personal account and access it from any device;
  • Receive bonuses, cool offers, and tips on how to play fruit cocktail;
  • Create a game account, quickly replenish it and withdraw winnings to a real account;
  • Communicate with managers, and learn about upcoming tournaments and competitions from the source.

In fruit cocktail, the rules of the game are also available to unregistered players. Therefore, the choice is yours. The next step in your journey will be a demo game. Do not ignore it, because it can tell you how to cheat a fruit cocktail slot machine. The demo version is the same game, only free. You cannot withdraw money from here, but you can:

  • Get to know the interface and buttons;
  • Develop a winning strategy applicable in a real game;
  • Try to hit the jackpot at the maximum bets;
  • Double your winnings in the risk round or bonus game.

Fruit cocktail is easy to win and lose. And so that your balance is not empty ahead of time, you should try your hand at the demo.

Fruit cocktail how to play the real game

Before you open the playing field with 5 reels with 9 lines. All lines are adjusted by you before each new spin. Choose the number of active lines, place bets on them and click "Start". There is an autoplay button and help if you get confused by the rules. In a fruit cocktail the secret to victory is that you can't rush. It is possible to cheat the machine, but it is worth the long game

With medium volatility and a fairly high RTP (94%), you can win a little more often than in other machines, but in small amounts. This attracts many beginners who want to get a taste of small victories.

The main principle of how to play fruit cocktail is to make average bets and spin the reel so that the process lasts as long as possible. But if you want to feel the full taste of excitement, then there are two options:

  1. Play only at high stakes and wait for 5 Fruit Cocktail symbols, the combination of which will bring you 5000 game coins;
  2. Defy fate and launch a risk round after each spin.

There is a simple but very risky round in the fruit cocktail. Here, your opponent will be the dealer and you will have to take turns opening the cards lying face down on the table. The first move for the enemy - then you. The one with the highest card wins. If Fortune is on your side, then you instantly double your balance.

There is one more secret how to play strawberry correctly and multiply your winnings. This is the bonus level. It is available only to notorious lucky ones who managed to catch from 3 to 5 images of branded strawberries on the reel. A new game screen will open in front of you, where a reel with three pictures will be displayed in the center, and a closed chain of various symbols will be displayed around the perimeter. The light running along it will stop at an arbitrary picture, and if it matches any on the reel, you get a prize. If the light hits "Exit", then the bonus level ends.

A tasty and very colorful game is perfect for new players who have not yet experienced serious victories. Many branded features will please gamers and will not let them get bored. Get cool rewards and bonuses for spins, but don't rush to spend everything in one spin. Phone, tablet, or PC - start a fruit cocktail now, and you will understand how to play thanks to these tips and your skills.

Also about how to download Fruit Cocktail or how to play for free Fruit Cocktail demo, and you can check real reviews on our official website Fruit Cocktail pages.

Play Fruit Cocktail Pin-Up Play Fruit Cocktail 1win Play Fruit Cocktail Parimatch Play Fruit Cocktail Mostbet

Fruit Cocktail how to play

how to play Fruit Cocktail

how to play Fruit Cocktail

Fruit Cocktail how to play

Fruit Cocktail how to play

Play Fruit Cocktail

Play Fruit Cocktail

Fruit Cocktail rules

Fruit Cocktail rules