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How to play Fruit Cocktail slots at 1win

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Play Fruit Cocktail 1win

Any gambling involves risk. And it's not just about bets and lost money. The same thing with an online casino that you have chosen to earn money. It is very important to make the right choice and join a trusted and safe community. Playing fruit cocktail online in 1win – is the choice of responsible players and winners. It is here that a huge amount of entertainment and sporting events are collected, as well as a lot of bonuses and promotional offers for both beginners and devoted players. By registering on 1win you become part of a large gambling family.

Fruit cocktail: play online in 1win

Excellent navigation and information sections will help beginners to better understand how the site works. Convenient optimization for various devices allows you to run strawberry and play online in 1win on your computer and smartphone. This is a great opportunity to relax on the couch after a hard day and play your favorite slot machine.

However, even more interesting things open up after registration. This is a fairly quick procedure that will take you one step closer to the prizes. To register and play fruit online in 1win you must specify your phone number, email, and create a unique password. Also, don't forget to set the currency you need. After that, you can confirm the correctness of the data and start playing. You will have access to:

  • Bonus coins, free spins, and other benefits from the platform;
  • The ability to take part in major tournaments, competitions and even drawings of cool prizes;
  • Actual news about innovations and future projects;
  • Communication with the manager and assistance in case of unexpected situations;
  • The ability to play Fruit cocktail online in 1win from any device, just by logging into your account;
  • Creating a game account for replenishment and quick withdrawal of money.

This way you can start the real game much faster, without being distracted by additional procedures later. Fruit cocktail slot machines will allow you to play 1win at any time of the day, monitor your progress, save results, etc.

Fruit cocktail slot machines - easy to play 1win

After registration, you can immediately plunge into the game. But to understand the whole process, especially if you have never encountered classic slots, you should read the description and try the demo game. There you will learn:

  • Interface and buttons, get acquainted with their features and functions;
  • You can try your luck at high stakes without risking real money (you get bonus credits);
  • Develop a winning strategy and apply it in a real game;
  • Get familiar with fruit cocktail combinations and play 1win in the bonus round (not easy to find).

Important reminder: coins credited to a demo account cannot be withdrawn to a real account. They are only required to play in this mode. This only fuels the excitement and allows you to feel more confident in the slots.

Play Fruit Cocktail online at 1win

The rules are incredibly simple: 5 reels and 9 lines, the number of which you can change before each new spin. Bet on each lane in the range of 1-25 coins, or risk and bet the maximum bet everywhere. If you win, you will receive a huge jackpot. Ready to test your luck?

The Classic Fruit Cocktail allows you to play 1Win with familiar treats that make up winning combinations from 3 to 5 symbols in a row. But there are also unique elements here:

  1. The branded logo of the machine is able to bring a real jackpot. If you have collected 5 images in a row, then your score will instantly increase by 5000 credits;
  2. In the Wild there is a delicious cocktail that has absorbed all the fruits and berries. It can make its own chain and bring a maximum of 2000 coins or replace simple symbols and make your winnings more significant;
  3. But the main character - ripe strawberry allows you to play fruit cocktail in 1win in a cool bonus level.

As soon as you catch 3-5 strawberries on the screen, the bonus round will open. Many players note that it is very unusual and is not repeated by other devices. Here you will need to follow the magic light that runs through the pictures located around the screen. When it stops, you need to check if the symbol in the picture matches one of those located in the center of the screen. If yes, the coins fly to the account. The more strawberries you have collected to move to this level, the longer you will be able to play fruit cocktail in 1win in the secret round.

This game perfectly captures the spirit of real outdoor slot machines, which were full of bright colors, and ringing music announced the victory. Now you can play fruit cocktail in 1win online without losing the same enthusiasm and interest in slots that the characters in the films have. Join and win every day!

Play Fruit Cocktail 1win

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