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Fruit cocktail the money game

Nobody against a fruit cocktail? You don't even have to go to the kitchen and dirty a mountain of dishes, because the fruit cocktail game is right in front of you. A bright, juicy and very tasty slot is waiting for its player, who will definitely be lucky to hit the big jackpot. It is charged with winners and you can become one of them. Great animation, fun music, and very generous prizes all in one place. A perfect way to relax and earn money. Therefore, do not hesitate, it's time to decide if you are ready for the big game?

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Fruit cocktail the money game

Slot machine fruit cocktail strawberries

This device has a lot of names and a very simple explanation. The strawberry game is very popular in the gambling arena. It has a lot of fans who came up with various variations of the name for this game. Fruit cocktail online will not get lost in the crowd and always looks good on playgrounds. You can easily find it in the "Slots" category and enjoy high-quality graphics and an exciting game. The manufacturer of the fruit cocktail is the well-known Igrosoft company, which knows a lot about cool reels. Their style is immediately recognizable, which means that fruit cocktail online slot machines will bring a lot of wins and fun to everyone! In general, a juicy game is:

  • 5 reels and 9 lines;
  • Two-way counting combinations;
  • Charming cartoon graphics;
  • Animated delicious strawberry, charged with positivity.

Already at this stage, many began to search for strawberry slot machines online. Its popularity and demand have allowed the slot to earn its place on almost any major gambling platform.

We'd like to note that the strawberry game has retained all the best that was in real slot machines that decorated, and somewhere still, the largest casino halls. It was impossible to pass by such machines and not test your luck. After all, you never know if Fortune favors you. Now a lot has changed and most devices have moved online. Many received a powerful update and lost the spirit of the classic casino, but the strawberry fruit cocktail remained true to tradition.

Here, of course, there is no slot for coins, but your account is easily replenished in a convenient way and is always in front of your eyes. The fruit slot allows you to spin the reels with different rates and in different modes, contains an interesting risk round, and also has the following technical characteristics:

  • RTP (return to player ratio) - 94%;
  • The maximum win (a kind of jackpot in the strawberry game) is 5,000 game credits;
  • Customizable lines: from 1 to 9;
  • Spin cost: from 1 to 450 coins;
  • Online strawberry bonus round, risk game, wild symbol - everything is here.

Slot machines fruit cocktail online

Slot machines fruit cocktail (strawberries) online

The big advantage of the game is its optimization. You can play on a computer or smartphone нwithout losing quality or functionality. So, if you spend the whole day at the computer and you want to play strawberry slots without straining your back, sit in an armchair or on the sofa with your phone in your hands. Fruit cocktail slots will allow you to win different amounts, depending on your preparation, skills, and desire. There are enough bonuses here so that every user, even a beginner, can win small amounts already at the first stages.

The main character of the fruit cocktail is a friendly and very cute strawberry. She is friendly and can tell you winning moves (just look at her playful wink). She will gladly show you all the fruit cocktail online, so get ready for a fun adventure.

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The first thing that catches your eye when you start the strawberry game is a bright interface. There are no extra elements or symbols here that could distract from the process. The main game screen of the fruit cocktail slot machine is filled with the most important buttons, each of which performs a strictly assigned task. More about buttons:

  1. On the left, you set the number of active lines that will be used in the fruit cocktail slot in one spin. With each new scroll, you can change their number;
  2. The sound icon at the bottom of the screen: turn it on or off as you like;
  3. On the right side are the rate control buttons. Here you can take a chance and put everything on the line - what if you get lucky?
  4. The fruit cocktail game is ready to suggest the rules with the help of a special "Help" section;
  5. Autoplay is a very common feature in slots. Set the bet size and turn on this mode if you do not want to start the drum yourself every time.

No more extraneous options. These buttons allow you to customize the fruit cocktail casino for yourself and watch the real magic on the main screen.

Fruit cocktail slot machines online: game rules

Thanks to high-quality animation, the slot seems to be very realistic. Strawberry online welcomes you and makes sure that you are comfortable. All symbols make up certain combinations, the value of which depends on the specific element. The minimum length of a chain is 3 symbols, the maximum is 5. It must start either from the leftmost or the rightmost reel. There are only 9 symbols in the fruit cocktail casino and the cost of their combinations varies:

  • Cherry - brings from 2 to 10 coins;
  • Peach - from 3 to 20;
  • Lemon - from 5 to 50;
  • Apple - from 10 to 100;
  • Pear - from 20 to 200;
  • Watermelon - from 30 to 500;
  • Cocktail wild-symbol - luck for the player, carrying from 100 to 2000 coins;
  • The “fruit cocktail” emblem is a bright element that costs from 200 to 5000 credits;
  • The most mysterious strawberry symbol - opens the way to the bonus game.

You can collect 3, 4, or 5 identical images and get different payouts to your account. And if you play Fruit Cocktail online for real money, then you can win 125,000 coins at maximum bets.

After reviewing the cost of the combinations, you will be able to understand which fruit or element you need to knock out for a larger prize. The strawberry slot machine, like many similar games, includes the coveted Wild. An insane symbol that sets its own rules for the game. It brightly appears and brings profit for you. In the strawberry casino game, this role is given to a delicious refreshing cocktail, where all the fruits and even a summer umbrella are collected. It brings not only a good mood, but also good money. Wild in the fruit cocktail slot can make up its own combination, or it can “strengthen” an existing one by replacing simple symbols with itself. The rules do not apply only to Fruit Cocktail and the game logo (but they have their own secrets). Yes, it loves to be the center of attention in the strawberry slots, that is why all the players love it!

The main fruit cocktail game logo – is the most expensive image. If you come across a sequence with him - it's good luck. After all, earning 5,000 credits for 1 combination of 5 pictures is very difficult. You are the real lucky one, if you succeed.

Play Fruit Cocktail Pin-Up Play Fruit Cocktail 1win Play Fruit Cocktail Parimatch Play Fruit Cocktail Mostbet

Bonus fruit cocktail game

The strawberry symbol should be given more attention. It is truly special. It does not carry additional points and payouts, but it is a guide to the exciting fruit cocktail game bonus round. Collect three of these images on the screen and the journey will begin.

The bonus round is very similar to both the main game and the easy version of Monopoly at the same time. In front of you, the strawberry slot machine will show 3 reels, and around them a chain of already familiar gaming chains. A game light begins to run along it, which imitates the activity of the drum. It stops at a random field of the strawberry machine, so it is impossible to predict the move.

Next, the picture where the light stopped is compared with those that are displayed on the drum in the center of the screen. If they are the same, then the strawberry slot immediately increases your balance. The win rate is the same as in the combinations in the main mode. If you are really lucky and you get a fruit cocktail game logo picture (both on the reel and on the spark), then you instantly multiply your prize by 100 times.

But you may also be unlucky. Exit cells are located in each corner of the screen. This means that if the light stops on them, then the bonus level of the strawberry slot machine will end. The bonus level can include several rounds. The main factor here is the number of Fruit Cocktail on the reels, which brought you to this level.

But that's not all. Cool strawberry slots have prepared another surprise, but it suits only the most gambling users. If you want to test your luck and try the risk round, then click on the corresponding button after a successful spin. Yes, strawberry slot machines offer you a risk every time the next spin brings you a bonus to your account. This round invites you to risk everything and multiply your winnings instantly. This is a simple strawberry versus dealer level and no special training is needed to play it:

  1. A field with cards face down will open in front of you;
  2. First, turn for the dealer: he turns one card, showing you its value;
  3. The second move is yours: turn over any card of your choice;
  4. In the fruit cocktail casino, the winner is the one whose card was higher.

Here strawberry game online gives equal chances - 50/50. That's why it's a risk round. You can either double your balance or lose your winnings. Be careful and if you are not ready, then in the early stages it is not worth the risk.

Strawberry Demo Game Rules

To be ready for any surprises and not lose everything in a few spins, you can use a very useful feature. The strawberry slot machine offers to get acquainted with it through Fruit Cocktail of how to play free demo game. An ideal option for new gamblers and those who have not tried a fruit cocktail slot or something similar before.

You do not need to go through the registration process, confirm data and create a personal account. Online strawberry slot machines are already on the site and are ready to charge you to win. The demo version will allow you to:

  • Get acquainted with the strawberry game interface, its buttons, and principles;
  • Risk everything and try to play at the highest stakes without spending real money;
  • Develop your own strategy and apply it in online strawberry slot machines.

You do not risk personal funds, which means you can afford more! Including reaching the bonus game and the risk round. The main thing is to try all the benefits of the fruit cocktail game online and not empty the entire balance right away.

Fruit cocktail slot machines – are exactly the machines that will suit any type of player. They did not deteriorate over time, did not lose their charm, but only gained even more popularity, for which they earned the status of "classic". Someone will want to remember their youth, and someone will want to get acquainted with the legendary strawberry slot. Either way, you won't be wasting your time. Here you can relax and earn money, test your luck and emerge victorious, having received the main prize!

Play Fruit Cocktail Pin-Up Play Fruit Cocktail 1win Play Fruit Cocktail Parimatch Play Fruit Cocktail Mostbet

Fruit Cocktail

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Fruit Cocktail official site

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Fruit Cocktail the game

Fruit Cocktail the game

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