Fruit cocktail - reviews about the game

Among the many slot machines, roulettes, and various card games, it is very easy to get lost and not notice a truly iconic slot. Fruit cocktail is a unique game that allows each user to get a shot of adrenaline. This is where you can reveal yourself as a good player if you have never played slot machines before. A simple, easy, and interesting game is not complete without its branded strawberry, and reviews about it only confirm that big wins are not a scam or a stupid marketing ploy. The fruit cocktail has earned its place among the cult slots and is waiting for its player to try his luck.

Real reviews about the game of strawberry

A large number of similar machines means very high competition. Especially now, when many manufacturers are returning "to the roots" and prefer to modernize old toys than come up with something new. This is a proven way to attract a user, because the classic always comes out the winner.

Fruit cocktail has been around for many years, and the reviews for it are always filled with sincerity and honesty from real players. But even in a wide media space, in online casinos or special sites where all the Internet reviews are collected, you can stumble upon inaccurate information. This may be related to the following:

  1. The player immediately lost everything in a fruit cocktail and decided to negatively comment in the review that everyone deceived him. No platform and no gaming service provider claims to users that the winnings will be huge and literally at the first entry into the game. Potential risks are always described either in the description of the product itself or in the relevant sections on the selected site;
  2. The same: looks like a real review about the game of strawberry, but now the game itself is to blame for the loss. No, the machine does not change or invent its own rules of the game. No one "tweaks" the online platform to prevent anyone from winning. The whole problem is that the player, most likely, was not sufficiently prepared or interested in the process;
  3. Comments, where in a chaotic manner they refer to a lot of problem areas and deceptive maneuvers. If you come across a really large number of such reactions in one place, then these are fakes. Competitors or other interested parties may have hired people or created bots to lower the rating of a game. This is done so that the user does not want to play this machine (or on the platform) and continues to search for the best option, reaching exactly the competitor.

It is sometimes quite difficult to find reviews of real players about fruit cocktail. But you can be sure of one thing: a real comment reflects the real user experience, his failure, and success. This means that only those who have already launched a fruit cocktail or tried its demo version will leave such an honest reaction.

Strawberry game: demo game reviews

The easiest way to see if a random person on the net is right when they say in a comment that the game is too hard is to play the demo. Everything here is exactly the same as in real mode, but with some nuances:

  • You don't need to register, create an account or pay for anything;
  • You get in-game credits for learning and experimenting;
  • ВYou cannot withdraw bonus coins to a personal account or use them in a real game.

The visual and hardware parts are exactly the same, so you will definitely need to get acquainted with the demo version. It will allow:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the interface, button functions, and basic rules (you can call the corresponding menu);
  2. Choose tactics with which you can play in a real game and win even more;
  3. Try to hit the coolest combinations and play the bonus game and the risk round.

This option is available to all users. But if you are set for serious victories and do not want to be distracted by extraneous things, then we advise you to immediately register on the selected site. This procedure allows you to:

  • See real reviews about the game of strawberry (they may be hidden from unregistered users);
  • Participate in prize draws, receive discounts and bonuses for important events;
  • Receive newsletters and learn the latest news about upcoming matches and tournaments;
  • Create your personal account, replenish and withdraw earned money.

You can also run the game online or through a special application that is available for different operating systems. Log in to your account on a convenient device and play as much as you want. In the reviews about fruit cocktail, you can share your experience of playing with different gadgets. The main thing is a stable Wi-Fi signal or a wired connection.

Fruit cocktail will appeal to all types of players. If you are already familiar with slots - show your best and hit the jackpot, if you are a beginner - this is where you can easily succeed. Authentic graphics, original sound, and the timeless spirit of the classics will make you feel nostalgic and grab your luck by the tail. Spin the reels, take risks and be sure to leave real reviews about the strawberry game.

Also about how to play and how to download game Fruit Cocktail you can find on our оfficial website Fruit Cocktail.

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Game reviews Fruit Cocktail

Review: An automatic machine where you don’t have to rush, but if you want to turn on autoplay in general.


It's a cool feeling when a big combination falls out and money comes to the account. There are payments and a small income. I play from my phone when I can and it's very convenient.

LinVad, 24 yo

Review: I am a casino frequenter.


Drawn without pathos, the atmosphere is very cozy. Strawberry is an unreal cutie and, by the way, winks when a win approaches (suddenly someone didn’t know). I play in the evenings and on weekends, and bet a little. A couple of times I even got a type of jackpot. I would never have believed that this could happen!

AnyaAnya, 18 yo

Review: It's possible to win


I've been playing for years, I've lost a lot, but I'll say for sure that I've won more. These slots, I'll tell you from my experience, are great for beginners. I started with this myself. They help to understand what and how to earn. Then you can move on to something more complex, but I advise everyone to start with slots like a cocktail

PMHunter, 31 yo

Review: a good old classic for me is always at the top.


I love just spinning the slots. Well, mostly due to the fact that they really get to win. I haven’t bought a car yet, but as an additional income, it will be ok.

jackLOW, 21 yo

Review: I didn’t spare any money at all to start playing strawberry.


The game is completely satisfying, I do not see any difficulties. The risk game really increases adrenaline, I don’t often go into it, as long as there is enough of what is on my account. The bonus level is very creative and you can win much more there

Viktory2410, 19 yo

Review: The bonus game here is interesting.


I haven't seen this one yet. Maximum intrigue! You never know what will fall. I play almost every day, just to catch these strawberries

FamineD, 30 yo

Review: I really like what developers are doing.


Their games don't lag, I can play on my computer and smartphone, and nothing distracts or interferes. The main thing is a good Internet and that's it, then it's just a matter of what bets you make.

Nana, 27 yo

Review: The machine is really like in the movies.


It's sooo cool that you can play it anyway. I play slowly, bet a little and win a little. There is almost no risk, the main thing is not to get star fever.

AliceRE, 22 yo.

Review: A good example of what a great slot might look like.


No need to invent anything - a standard drum and simple rules. Everything is honest and worthy!

Kostilla, 32 yo.

Review: The game is cool.


Everything is so cute that I could not pass by. You spin the reels - complete relaxation, and also the money drips into the account)

Mary, 22 yo.